Toilet Failure Is A Leading Cause of Residential and Commercial Water Damage

Leaky plumbing fixtures and burst pipes are common reasons for home and commercial water damage insurance claims every year. Some common issues with toilets can lead […]

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What to Know about Deductibles as we enter the Atlantic Hurricane Season

Hurricane deductibles are not new. The first hurricane deductibles were introduced into policies over 20 years ago. In order to be able to continue getting reinsurance […]

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What is the Purpose of Annuities?

In theory, annuities are simply contracts in which an insurance company agrees to provide you with future income, in return for cash, or premium, now. But […]

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Saving Your Beneficiaries Out of Pocket Expenses

Click the image below to watch Steve Sanborne discussMedicare Changes Part B Coverage and Medigap Plans to save beneficiaries out of pocket expenses (opens in the […]

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Man Carrying Large Painting --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Using Home Inventory Apps to help Document your Personal Property

Hopefully, you never have to do a home insurance claim. But if you do, a bit of preparation will make it much easier for you to […]

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6 Things You Can Do Now to Avoid Costly Home Repairs Later

Inspect your home now for winter damage with this 6-point list. Roof.  Winter weather can tear shingles off or force moisture underneath them, which damages them […]

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How To Avoid Public Wi-Fi Risks

People who use public connections may be compromised by hackers, but there are several safeguards available to keep from becoming a victim. The recent availability of […]

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Insuring New Jewelry and Other Big Ticket Items

The following article is from Selective Insurance and can be seen in full in this link: As the holidays come to a close, individuals across […]

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Milton Lane snow tree

Getting your House Ready for Winter

The chill in the air tells you it’s time to pull out the heavy clothes and brave the falling temperatures. That chill should also tell you […]

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car in flood

Caution: The Car You Want to Buy May Have Been Flooded

A car that has survived a flood can be a major repair waiting to happen. Water, particularly salt water, can have major effects on a car, […]

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A Home-Based Business is not Covered under HO Insurance

With recent advances in both technology and the internet, even more people are running home-based businesses, full-time or part-time. But will your homeowner’s policy cover the […]

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Take Steps To Protect Your Information From Cyber Criminals

A woman learns about a possible security hole in her internet browser. She does a search to find out more about it and lands on a […]

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