OC flood wind damage

Realtor Alert: Selling a Home with Flood Damage?

Selling a home with Superstorm Sandy or other flood damage? Here is important information for your seller and buyer. From our claim case file… We recently […]

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Important Things to Know About Wind Deductibles

Hurricane deductibles are not new. The first hurricane deductibles were introduced into policies over 20 years ago. In order to be able to continue getting reinsurance […]

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Force-Placed Insurance and What it Means for Homeowners?

Mortgage lenders require borrowers to carry insurance on their properties. They do this so they will be repaid if fire, windstorm or some other disaster damages […]

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fan from cdc website

After the Flood: Drying Out Your House

If flood or storm water has entered your home, dry it out as soon as possible. Follow these steps: If you have electricity and an electrician […]

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mold from cdc website

Re-Entering Your Home After a Flood

When returning to a home that’s been flooded after natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, be aware that your house may be contaminated with […]

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Milton Lane snow tree

5 Things To Do Before the Snow Hits:

1. Prep the Home.  Besides food, make sure the chimney is clean and properly vented and make sure you have dry firewood.  Get some snow melt […]

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Prevent a Roof Collapse This Winter!

The infographic below was sent to us by Utica National Insurance:

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claim form

The Do’s and Don’ts of Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

Auto insurance is one of those rare purchases that you wish you’ll never have to use…but once you really do need it, you’re sure glad that […]

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When you are Responsible for a Tree Falling into Neighbor’s Yard

Trees beautify a property’s landscape, provide shade, and they are good for the environment. However, they also present risks to the property owner and the neighbors. […]

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Where Will You Live If Your House is Destroyed, and How Much Will It Cost?

Where will you live? When a house is destroyed, the people who lived in it naturally think about the lost possessions. They think of lost furniture, […]

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Pier Along Islamorada Islamorada, Florida, USA

Life Insurance 101

Life insurance is a simple answer to a very difficult question: How will my family manage financially when I die? is an excellent resource for […]

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Homeowners May Need Additional Insurance for Summer Fun

When summer arrives each year, many people look forward to activities that they can only enjoy during warmer months. Summer is also a time for family […]

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