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Top 10 Social Security Tax Questions

There were several programs established by the Social Security Act to ensure individuals with disabilities and people who retire have supplemental income. It also established a […]

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August is Happiness Happens Month!

August is Happiness Happens Month! Help to create the happiest vacation ever! Take the 31 Days-31 Happiness Challenge and get daily reminders of ways to make […]

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What Homeowners Need to Know about Insuring Themselves Against Sewer Backups

Although many homeowners think their insurance policies cover sewer backups, they are disappointed when they find out the hard way that sewer backups are not covered. […]

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Avoid Life Insurance Beneficiary Naming Mistakes

One of the best sources for financial security is life insurance. It is a valuable tool for leaving loved ones funds after the death of the […]

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6-Step Hurricane Checklist

Here is your 6-step hurricane season checklist for 2015 Is your policy limit enough to rebuild your home in the event of a loss? The I.I.I. […]

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How to Be a Drip Detective

Don’t be fooled into thinking a minor leak is a minor problem. Even the smallest leaks can turn into costly water bills and result in major […]

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NBC10 Flood Program Update

Click on photo above to view the NBC10 news segment.

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Preparing for Severe Wind Chill

What is Wind Chill Temperature? It is the temperature it “feels like” outside and is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused […]

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The 2-Minute Rule

Imagine being sound asleep in the middle of the night when suddenly your smoke alarms start blaring. Your house is filling with smoke. Do you know […]

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Keep your hands ON the wheel and OFF your cell.

Snowy Weather Driving Tips

If you need to use your car in winter weather, preparation is critical to ensure your safety as driving during these conditions can be hazardous. Before […]

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How a Warm Attic Can Lead to Water Damage

Ice damming is a costly hazard facing homeowners during the winter season. An ice dam is caused by the ice buildup at the lower edge of […]

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Cold Weather Tips for Businesses

Hot Tips Before Cold Weather Arrives We will soon be approaching the winter months with lots of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. The heavy weight of […]

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