Man Carrying Large Painting --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Using Home Inventory Apps to help Document your Personal Property

Hopefully, you never have to do a home insurance claim. But if you do, a bit of preparation will make it much easier for you to […]

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In a Social Media World, Are You Covered for Libel?

It is widely thought that a homeowner’s insurance policy covers only incidents that physically occur in the home, which is partially correct. In fact, coverage can […]

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Preparing for Severe Wind Chill

What is Wind Chill Temperature? It is the temperature it “feels like” outside and is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused […]

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abstract fire on black

The 2-Minute Rule

Imagine being sound asleep in the middle of the night when suddenly your smoke alarms start blaring. Your house is filling with smoke. Do you know […]

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Sales Producer JOB Opening!

We are currently looking for an experienced Sales Producer in the southern New Jersey area. The commercial business developer should possess the ability to advise business […]

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teen driver

Talking to Your Teen About Safe Driving

When teens begin to drive, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Safety Council, the sobering statistics start to pile up: […]

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Vimeo & YouTube video post

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