Flood Insurance

Here comes the rain… personal, commercial, tenant and owner occupied property are eligible under the Federal flood program.

*NEW*  Flood Insurance FAQ’s

Click the image above to view the You Tube video: The Future of Flood Insurance, Part 1

Click the image above to view the You Tube video: The Future of Flood Insurance, Part 1

The purpose of Flood Insurance:

As property owners of homes and business along the shore, we have investments that are located near water and have a higher than normal exposure to flood damage. This is why federal mortgage law requires Flood insurance for all loans involving such properties. Because buildings located in flood zones are expected to flood, the National Flood Insurance Program policy has many coverage limitations (please read your policy for details).  It is a government promise to provide limited coverage for you in the event of a flood event, not to make you whole like policies offered by traditional insurance.

Stringent building codes became effective for buildings built after 1975 with flood loss management in mind.  The living level should be elevated in compliance with local flood maps to protect the majority of your assets.  The level below the living level has one purpose; it is to elevate the living level above the anticipated flood levels for your flood zone.  These structures are designed to withstand the pressure of the flood water by allowing water to flow freely under the building through vents or break-away walls.

With this in mind flood insurance coverage for building items located below the living space (lowest elevated floor or LEF) is limited to damage to foundations and the machinery and equipment servicing the building.  Excluded items include sheetrock, paneling, or paint or decorated surfaces for these interior spaces, also known as garages, bonus rooms, storage lockers, or any personal property located in these areas. If you happened to finish these areas, your building could be out of compliance with the construction code and it could cost you more flood premium without providing additional coverage.  The increased rates serve as a penalty, not an extension for additional coverage for your finished area.

We want you to be aware of these limitations so you can protect your valuables and avoid costly damage that cannot be recouped by the National Flood Insurance Program.  It’s not a question of “if” our island will flood; it’s a question of “when”?

Read more about the 3 types of flood policies.

Flood Insurance Quote Request

Personal, Commercial, Tenant and Owner occupied property are eligible under the National flood program. Click here for facts about Flood Insurance from N.F.I.P.

If you want a quote for property coverage as well as flood, please complete the general property form.

You can use this form as a preview of the questions we will ask you. If you wish, you can complete and submit the form. Your inquiry is sent by e-mail and distributed to the appropriate underwriter. You may contact an underwriter by e-mail or phone at any time -CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US


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